Popkorna eļļa / 1 litrs

Popkorna eļļa / 1 litrs

Popkorna eļļa / Jimmy`s / 1 litrs / Karstuma izturīga, nerodas dūmi
Iepakojumā 12 gb.

Cena - 4.50 eur bez PVN

Popcorn pops at 240 degrees Celsius. Most oils burn at a lower
temperature and this gives the popcorn a strange taste. JIMMY’s
Popping Oil is an exclusively developed product for the production of
popcorn using 100% vegetable oil and free of genetically modified
materials. Meets the requirements of the food centre with less than
1/3 saturated fat content. Provides a nice fragrance and an original
popcorn flavour. Available in 20 L barrels, suitable for popcorn
machines equipped with an oil pump and in a handy 1 L bottle.



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