Cukurvates aparāts | 60-75 porcijas stundā

Cukurvates aparāts | 60-75 porcijas stundā

Floss Boss ar plastikāta bļodu / Paredzēta 60 - 75 cukurvates porcijām stundā / Plastikāta bļoda / 60-75 porcijas stundā / 3024EX: 230Volts, 1702Watts, 50/60Hz.
Cena bez PVN

It is a full size, entry-level Cotton Candy machine at a very low price. Easy to operate, and plugs in anywhere. Out lowest cost Cotton Candy machine can easily pay for itself in one weekend.
Includes Non-Metallic Floss Bowl, and it works best when used with Whirlgrip that is sold separately.
This is an ideal beginner floss machine. The Floss Boss is the most dependable Cotton Candy machine in the industry. Solid-state heat control, high capacity spinner head and cool running operation makes it easy to use. It is recommended that this and all other floss machines be operated with some type of floss bubble to protect from flying sugar crystals in case someone overloads the spinner head.



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